European Oak


Scientific and Botanical Name: Quercus petraea
Family: Fagaceae
Unified Name: Oak
Growing areal: It grows in the whole Europe
Environment: It develops both sporadically and in real forests (oak forest)
Trunk; logs and tissues: long life trees and of considerable height (30-40 m)  that, at breast height, can reaches 150 cm in diameter. Growt habit is quite regular and straight.

Wood species:

Suitability for underfloor heating:

Hardness of wood:

Why choose wooden flooring in European oak?

Get the best from each type of wood species to realize the highest quality of prefinished parquet flooring. This is the ability to Cadorin, which has an experience of more than a century in woodworking. In the workings and finishes of their floors, the company enhances the peculiarities of any wood species, already assigned in the origin by the own nature. This is evident in particular in the European Oak, which already exhibits excellent characteristics both aesthetic and performance levels. Not by chance has always been used in various fields, from shipbuilding to the making of wine barrels. The Oak is valued for its hardness and strength to impact and is therefore ideal for floors that last in time. The intrinsic qualities of natural oak are indisputable. Cadorin yet, after a selective choice determined by a careful qualitative assessment, adds the preciousness of exceptional workings, able to let shine the characteristics of wood and multiply the possibilities for use in interior design. Some finishes are a real trademark for the company: discover and appreciate every nuance of European Oak prefinished flooring by Cadorin.

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