Antique Oak

The signs of time in these hardwoods have left noticeable marks and changes in colour and tone as a result of different environmental conditions, plus the traces of woodworm and old iron brackets and nails.

Fully restored and protected with natural oils and waxes, for a warm or waxed look.

Trade name wood flooring:Antique Oak
Thickness16/21 mm.
Widths90/120 mm; Multiple widths 105/195 mm; Multiple widths 215/310 mm.
Lengths400/1200 mm; 600/2900 mm.

Come from the past and reassured, with its warm tones and unmistakable fine grains. The Antique Oak renews the timeless charm of this wood, always been appreciated for its aesthetic appeal. The restoration, made by “Cadorin Antico” logo, emphasizes shades and light and dark tones of the wood as well as the signs left by the elapse of time, to confirm the authenticity of its long history.

The Antique Oak parquet  respects  completely  the  rule  of so-­colled three R of Green building: R as Reduce the quantity and the dangerousness of waste produced during the production, but also as Recycle the materials and the structures and Reuse, i.e. reclaim what has been resigned and abandoned and bring it to new life.

The reclaimed Antique Oak infact belongs to the Antique Planks collection: the wood is reclaimed from old houses and farm and, after the restoration, you can obtain planks ready to be placed in new and exclusive contexts. Every single pieces is carefully worked and restored, by a manual restoration with the use of wooden dowels to closing excessive cracks or holes, or with slurry of wood plaster. A real artisan work, where patience, experience and passion are the main ingredients.

The surface working and finishing complete the work: the planks are oiled and waxed with completely natural and high quality products. In this way it is ensured protection, durability and ease of maintenance of the floor.

The Antique Planks collection of Cadorin is perfectly in line with the Green Building, which aims to build with minimal environmental impact, using natural and not harmful materials, not only for those who live them but also for those who produce them. Among these is certainly the wood that retains exceptional features, being natural, biodegradable and recyclable. To produce timber, in fact, you need only water, solar energy and carbon dioxide: so it’s growing a natural renewable material that, at the same time, it is also an excellent thermal insulator, thus promoting energy saving, in addition to the undeniable aesthetic qualities, always recognized and valued in the furniture and design field.