WHITE GOLD Leaf 12kt

LUXURY Planks in big dimensions for wood flooring, enriched with the WHITE GOLD LEAF 12 Kt.

The European SELECT OAK planks in three layers display the irregular and imperfect track of the SAW CUTTING: the tooth marks left by the carpenter’s band saw are clearly evident. The fact that other wood floors in the market vaunting saw-cut effects are actually rolled instead and have a particularly “industrial” look, is worth noticing.

This working allows the precious WHITE GOLD leaf to be applied by hand into each groove created. Protected with varnish, the gold leaf gives three-dimensional play of light, enhancing the wood grain and the saw cutting.

The WHITE GOLD LEAF of 12 Kt. is certified; available also on a black background.

Trade name wood flooring:WHITE GOLD Leaf 12kt
Thickness14/16 mm.
Widths115/127/140/170/195 mm.
Lengthsup to 2900 mm.