Tatami Rock Oak Planks

European oak Tatami wood flooring and cladding with Rock finish

Trade name module:Tatami Rock Oak Planks

TATAMI in OAK with a ROCK finish

For the creations of Cadorin innovation has no limits. The texture of TATAMI, the famous Japanese rice straw mat, is recreated in real wood, here in European Oak with the Rock finish.

It is the authentic wood-working process resulting in a “three-dimensional” surface in relief that creates the pattern of the TATAMI texture. The TATAMI imprint given to the wood also confers an extremely pleasant sensations to the touch or on bare feet. Offered for the various species of wood in the Cadorin production – in Walnut, Teak, Oak, Chestnut, Cherry or African Wenge – it offers balance and aesthetics whilst generating a feeling of inner peace and spiritual well-being.

To complete this proposal, the finishes that Cadorin presents for each wood give life to incredible shades such as the Rock finish, characterised by the overlapping of natural tones, inspired by actual pebbles, to represent a touch of great elegance in design furnishing and home décor.

The Cadorin planks produced with this texture belong to the TRACKS PLANKS Collection and are utilised for wainscoting, walls, doors, ceilings and furniture as well as for parquet flooring.