pavimento pero



Scientific and Botanical Name: Pyrus communis
Family: Rosaceae.
Unified Name : Pear
Growing areal : It’s spread throughout central and southern Europe.
Environment: It develops either spontaneously or in industrial plantations for the production of fruits.
Trunk; logs and tissues: The trees can reach 20-25 m, with diameter at breast height of 40-50 cm. The tree bearing predominantly right-section more or less regular.

Wood species:

Suitability for underfloor heating:

Hardness of wood:

Why choose wooden flooring in pear?

As one can imagine, this wood is not easily sourced, which makes it one of the most prestigious woods in the collection. It is mainly chosen for the warmth and harmonic capacity that this wood offers, so much so that it is also chosen to make musical instruments or used in serene environments such as libraries. Cadorin’s range of finishes also embrace this wood, proposing it in new colour tones that render it unrecognisable, even to the most experienced eye.

Why choose wooden flooring in Spaccato pear?

Each type of wood has its own “natural” version, which is at times even more captivating than the classic and well-known selection, conferring unique and timeless sensations that offer even greater contact with the true essence of the wood. And so it is also for the precious Spaccato pear in the Cadorin collections.