American Oak


Scientific and Botanical Name: Quercus alba
Family: Fagaceae
Unified Name: Red Oak
Growing areal: It grows in the central and sub-eastern area of the United States
Environment: It develops both sporadically and in real forests
Trunk; logs and tissues: long life trees with height between 20 and 30m that, at breast height, can reaches 130 cm in diameter. Growt habit is not always regular and straight.

Wood species:

Suitability for underfloor heating:

Hardness of wood:

Why choose wooden flooring in American oak?

The pulp of this American oak is mainly grey-blonde and not yellow like that of European oak, meaning future ripening into golden and yellowish tones that are not always so desirable can be avoided.

Cadorin apply their knowledge in woodworking, built on more than a century of activity in the field, the creation of high quality boards. This command allows the company to make the best of each type of wood enhancing its peculiarities. The Oak floorings are characterized by good resistance to impact: this wood, which is characterized by its hardness, it lends itself so perfectly to create floors that are kept unchanged despite the passage of time. The natural peculiarities of the Oak, with certified origin and selected with great care, are enhanced by fine processes that give the parquet a unique touch. To realize it,  the technology offered by cutting edge tools and machinery is combined with the craftsmanship of hand-made finishes. The Oak parquet by Cadorin is a product 110% made ​​in Italy: discover the different facets.

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