Scientific and Botanical Name: Tectona grandis.
Family: Verbenaceae.
Unified Name: Teak
Growing areal: It grows in the Indian peninsula, Laos, Vietnam and in the whole southern Asia. Precious the quality coming from Myanmar, ex Burma.
Environment: It grows in forests and natural vegetation of mixed deciduous lowlands and hills.
Trunk; logs and tissues: The shape of the trunks is regular, with a height of 40-45 m. and diameter at breast height, reaching 110-120 cm. The woody tissues contain silica and extractive oils. Having noted the great variability of Teak, the properties listed, refer to plants coming from Java and Burma.

Wood species:

Suitability for underfloor heating:

Hardness of wood:

Why choose wooden flooring in teak?

Teak is one of the most famous exotic woods, much appreciated for its technical characteristics conferred and its beauty. Cadorin uses Tectona Grandis, which is by far the most important teak from lands of Burma – the present-day Myanmar – in which felling is regulated and monopolised by the local government. This type of wood grows spontaneously in tropical forest and is distinguished from other species of teak by its distinctive fibre which, fed by the mineral salts of Myanmar’s terrain, is particularly spectacular and evocative.

In fact, the fresh-cut wood shows unpleasant streaks ranging from greenish to black, which lighten upon exposure to light and air until fading and, if not quite disappearing, bring about a pleasant golden appearance. The solutions and possibilities of use are endless, both due to the great elasticity in extreme climatic situations (moisture or dry) and for the wooden shades that lend themselves to different finishes and workings. Teak is widely used in the shipping industry and suitable for outdoor flooring or pool decking.