ciliegio pavimento

European Cherry


Scientific and Botanical Name: Prunus avium
Family: Rosaceae.
Unified Name: European Cherry
Growing areal: It grows throughout central and southern Europe.
Environment: Spread spontaneously and sporadically in the lowlands, hills and foothills

Trunk; logs and tissues: The trees reach 25 m tall with diameter at breast height that reaches 50 cm. The trunks are often straight with regular ligneous tissues.

Wood species:

Suitability for underfloor heating:

Hardness of wood:

Why choose wooden flooring in cherry?

Cadorin does not just produce cherry parquet only and solely in the classic reddish colour known by all and somewhat lacking in originality. The elegance of the cherry fibres allows Cadorin to create new and surprising finishes, such as to render the timber almost unrecognisable. Coming from the generous European area, the cherry tree has always been amongst the finest woods. The multiple reddish fibres convey a feeling of great warmth in the natural tone but in the new “cherry bark” solutions, there is added innovation and exclusivity.