American Walnut


Scientific and Botanical Name: Juglans nigra.
Family: Juglandaceae.
Unified Name: American walnut (Black walnut)
Growing areal: From top and middle basin of the Mississippi to the Great Lakes area to the Atlantic coast.
Environment: It grows in both natural and artificial plantation site in the hills and low mountains.
Trunk; logs and tissues: The trunks reaches an average height of 30 meters in diameter. At breast height, thei reach 120 cm in diameter. The trunks are almost regular in shape.

Wood species:

Suitability for underfloor heating:

Hardness of wood:

Why choose wooden flooring in walnut?

Cadorin finishes finally make this wood standout from the classic timber we are all familiar with in the walnut shade. Indeed, Cadorin’s research has evolved the shades of the walnut into multiple finishes, rendering it unique and priceless.

Long known as black walnut, American walnut has become the most sought-after lumber in the design sector due to the many solutions to which it lends itself. This wood is chosen to overcome classic and static parquet lines, thanks to Cadorin’s new colour solutions, which multiply the offerings and meet the most exclusive and prestigious demands.