Texture Sketch

American Walnut with Tarassaco finish

The vibrant vitality of the dandelion puff is captured in the SKETCH texture of the TRACK PLANKS collection, which preserves Cadorin’s precious collection of three-dimensional textures from the processing of wooden planks or panels. The texture proposal is achieved by imprinting into the wood, like live sketches, the delicate flight of soft dandelion puffs moved by the wind, offering soft natural textures for a serene, emotionally-impactful well-being effect. The three-dimensional and material texture, in addition to composing refined details, achieves a hard and compact wood with particular resistance to foot traffic and an anti-slip function thanks to the embossed surface processing.

The SKETCH texture is offered on a variety of wood species and with a range of finishes that enhance the design revealed in the details.

Trade name module:Texture Sketch