White and Yellow Gold Dust Weave OAK Cortec Symmetrical Module

When geometry joins exclusivity: the OAK CORTEC and WHITE AND YELLOW GOLD DUST WEAVE symmetrical module takes on an original, stunning three-dimensional surface.

This module identifies two CADORIN concepts, the highly refined and exclusive installation module and the planks’ worked surface finish.

The creation of the installation module involves the production of planks with multiple widths and lengths which, calculated in their multiples, match and fit together perfectly. The sum of the transversal widths of a module is the length of the module next to it, it continues gradually for large and small squares, continuously crossed horizontally and vertically, creating an infinite number of symmetrical movements.

Topping things off is the shimmering white and yellow gold dust finish that becomes three-dimensional due to the relief drawn in the surface of the oak wood, where the CORTEC texture (the design of the texture of a tree bark) and the WEAVE texture (the texture of a linen fabric) go together in a fascinating and creative way.

A truly elegant and chic solution that can be laid on the floor or wall.

Trade name module:White and Yellow Gold Dust Weave OAK Cortec Symmetrical Module