Weave Walnut Planks

A raised weft never seen before on a wood flooring is what Cadorin offers here in a special Weave working that is now a part of the Tracce di Listoni Collection.

Weave working that that recalls the weft of linen fabric on the surface of the wood. All these workings conducted through an applied pressure technique make the wood particularly hard and compact and increase the wear resistance of the surface to make it ideal for every home.

American Walnut is one of the species selected by Cadorin to be awarded its Selected Wood mark. Felled in North America, this is one of the varieties most widely used for furniture, flooring, and facing.

Trade name module:Weave Walnut Planks

Look at the Gold Planks: the Woven Walnut with Gold Dust

Antique Weave Varnished Walnut, a modern weft with the charm of the past

For these wood floor planks (used for both floors and wall paneling) given the name Antique Weave Varnished Walnut, the weft of a precious fabric is worked onto the top surface of Walnut rich in variously shaded grain and then given an antique finish for a truly original final effect.

Weave working is not only an authentic pleasure to touch and see, it also makes the surface of the wood particularly hard and compact and increases the floor’s wear resistance.
This planking has been given a particularly striking vintage look by the application of a Painted Antique Effect finish that evokes roots that go deep in the past.