The May Rose Boiserie is dedicated to the flower par excellence.

Created to add a touch of sophisticated elegance to the surrounding walls, adorning them with precious treasure, the boiserie is composed of a carbon-coloured American Walnut structure, enriched and embellished by an upper and lower extent which, in the play of two-dimensionality, add an allure of prestige to the environment they beautify.

The upper extent in dark walnut tones features an elegant decorative motif of roses in platinum dust. Sinuous and enveloping, the roses give the wall an intense glow, exuding a contemporary mood.

In a play of contrasts, the woodwork – precisely and harmoniously carved out and combined with the platinum colour of the roses – enhances the perfect, modern beauty of the compositional rhythm of the entire composition.

In addition to the Platinum dust colour, Cadorin also offers an alternative colour solution in Copper dust, being warm and pervasive for a result of opulent elegance.

The lower part of the woodwork consists of four panels made from the warm, dark tones of African Wenge. The panels acquire tactility and three-dimensional relief in the original TATAMI texture, inspired by the weave of the famous Japanese rice-straw carpet, thus creating an authentic surface of wood in relief whilst providing an extremely pleasant feel.

A perfect wall cladding or boiserie that can be varied for made-to-measure and customised proposals.

Trade name module:May Roses Boiserie – JARDINS COLLECTION