Bark and Bleached WALNUT – NINFEA Module

The “Ninfea Module” American Walnut parquet flooring, in Bleached and Bark finishes, creates a warm and extremely elegant parquet flooring.

Rhombus composition can be used to enliven a number of patterns, such as the Ninfea module in the shape of geometric stars. These “diamonds” can also be arranged to form hexagons in different ways, for example, or in herringbone configuration. The secret to this proposal’s extraordinary appeal also lies in the elegance of its double Bleached and Bark finish that creates just the right combination of light (bleached) and dark (bark) American walnut fiber, a challenge that invites creativity. 

Trade name module:Bark and Bleached WALNUT – NINFEA Module
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Planks cut into diamond shapes: that is the secret of Ninfea, a new design of Module Planks.

Produced in wide planks of American WALNUT, it is cut into diamond shapes and manufactured with m/f interlocks on all four sides.

The diamond shapes can be arranged free style or follow a set pattern, like the one shown in the photo forming geometric stars. However, the diamond shapes can also be arranged in different ways to form hexagons or an equilateral Hungarian-style point. The secret behind the appeal of this product also lies in the two elegant finishes, Bleached and Bark, which create the perfect combination, giving the walnut grain light (bleached) and dark (bark) tones. This product challenges you to indulge your creativity.  

In this case, the end result has a strong impact: the diamond shapes of the two finishes, Bleached and Bark Walnut, have been arranged to form flowers, resulting in an extremely elegant and appealing pattern.

The Module Planks Collection lets everyone customize their parquet flooring by matching modules of differing size and shape to their heart’s content while also offering the wide range of different workings, finishings, and levels of gloss and color illustrated in the Cadorin catalog. All this ensures the fullest freedom in design that feeds the creative impulse in architects and interior designers