“Sberla de Pero” Table

Unique pieces of original wood, one in a million and inimitable, shaped by nature and the passage of time.

The great passion and respect for the wood, for which Cadorin has always been renowned, have led the company to retain over the years the most beautiful big planks, that, when you look at them, tell you a story and smell of life lived, to produce furnishings with an amazing design.

So the new Cadorin collection “TOC DE TOE” was born – in Veneto dialect “pieces of planks” – a collection that contains the most beautiful secrets of the wood and revives them in unique furniture pieces, such as tables, kitchen tops, sink tops, beds or sofas…​

Inspired by nature and its forging ability, the “Toc de Toe” collection creates a continuum between the floor and the furniture, offering the possibility of coordinating or contrasting different surfaces, to create amazing and extraordinary effects. Or it can be matched with other furnishings or interiors, easily achieved due to the unlimited range of finishes and handcrafted workings practiced daily by Cadorin.

Nothing is changed; the board, cut from the trunk, is left in its natural forms, and the “Sberla de Pero” table is made with just 4 pieces of wood: 2 planks for the top and 2 for the legs. In fact, you can see in the table top the join of the two boards in their original curved shape; the table top is then fitted on to strong legs from the same wood cutting, and then the table is finished with natural oil. “Sberla de Pero” always in Veneto dialect means a table of Pear with a top of exceptional dimensions.

These pieces are therefore unique, one in a million, simply because only nature can design the wood, and the recovery of the raw material isn’t easy. In fact Cadorin, always working with large quantities of wood for other purposes (Cadorin production of planks for wooden floors), can set aside and extract the odd “unique – original” large trunk shaped by nature!! The Cadorin carpenters take these rustic and authentic planks and turn them into equally unique pieces for the “TOC DE TOE” collection.

The Pear is a wood that belongs to the selected woods by Cadorin with the logo “Legno più Km meno”: it is supplied from a distance of no more than 300 km away from the company headquarters, thus helping to reduce the environmental impact of the greenhouse gases emitted by means of transport. But that’s not all, because the philosophy behind this collection is also to not waste what nature produces: the woods used for the Toc de Toe furnishings come in fact from the wooden floor production warehouse, where they are stored over the years until the company decides to make use of them and turn them into pure design pieces.

Cadorin design, research and development
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