European Cherry Bark

The European cherry tree that we know and love, revisited with an innovative look!

With the botanical name Prunus avium, the European cherry tree is part of the Rosaceae botanical family. 

This wood is amongst the best-known thanks to its rosy hue with multiple grains that take on a warm red tone over time.

Here, Cadorin revisits the look of cherry wood flooring and cladding in a new elegant and refined “Cherry Bark” finish that bears the colour of bark from the cherry tree’s trunk, exalting the originality of the wood and the variegated colours of the planks, with grains and veins ranging from shades of grey to rosy hazelnut.

This comes as the result of extensive research that has led to an innovative and exclusive effect.

Available with a planed finish

Trade name wood flooring:European Cherry Bark
Thickness13/14/16/21 mm.
Widths90-127 and 140/170/195 + maxi planks 235-270 mm.
Lengthsup to 2400/2800 mm.
After your accreditation, you can access to CADORIN FILE ARCHIVE of high resolution pictures and textures for 3D RENDERING use

Look at the Epoch planks wood:

19th Century Cherry
19th Century Cherry Bark