The Authentic Antique

Green certification

Choosing a wood flooring from the CADORIN ANTIQUE Collection symbolizes the importance you give to GREEN BUILDING and ecological sustainability, which acquires twice the value because no NEW wood is required.

Remember that burning wood releases into the atmosphere the CO2 (carbon dioxide) stored during the years of the tree’s growth and exchanged for oxygen. Using the same wood for the second time lengthens the time that this CO2 is contained within the wood, in this way doubling the value of the CO2 removed from the atmosphere by the growth of the tree in addition to optimizing the savings of fresh wood.

Therefore, by choosing CADORIN ANTIQUE planks you acquire 4 Green Stars, also increasing your MR C4 credit – Recycled Content – LEED® NC ITALIA 2009 – GBC HOME – for the certification of homes and buildings that respect Green Building parameters (Green Building Rating System).
Choosing a three-layer Fir plank means selecting a structure that has counterbalancing second and third layers made of Austrian Fir and Larch (felled no more than 300 km from Cadorin’s headquarters). The layers are also bonded using vinyl glues.
This Cadorin Green Star increases your QAI C 4.4 credit – Low-emitting material – LEED® NC ITALIA 2009 – GBC HOME.

For more than 10 years, Cadorin has been using natural oil and wax products by BIOFA for its finishes. 
As well as using natural products, it’s important to ensure that the wood is properly protected, making the flooring practical to use and easy to clean and maintain. BIOFA fourth-generation natural oil in particular ensures exceptionally long-lasting protection while enhancing all of the wood’s natural charm. Free from danger warnings (like the diagonal cross that marks the presence of harmful products) for the protection of the health of both our employees and the final user, these products are ideal for use in Green Building.

Choosing the natural oil and wax finish for the Cadorin Antique wood flooring has enabled the sixth Green Star to be awarded, the highest Green Cadorin certification.

THE ANTIQUE CADORIN PLANKS meet the highest quality standards, thanks to

• selected procurement of antique wood
• scrupulous control of all production stages by expert craftsmen 
• great craftsmanship, restoring every single piece of wood
• continuous precision with advanced equipment
• protection finishes based on natural oils and waxes