Antique Planks

Antique wood showing the signs of time.

The inimitable Cadorin Antique Planks. A wood flooring that offers unique warmth and character thanks to its different shades and variations, all signs of the passing of time. Also holes left by woodworm, spotting, cracks and the marks left by nails or brackets, all helping to guarantee the wood’s authenticity.

Great care is taken in preparing the old beams and planks for re-use:
every piece recovered is carefully worked and restored by hand using hand planes and matching wooden plugs and wood filler. Needless to say, the final finish is also carefully applied, using 100% natural products such as “Biofa” oils and waxes, hi-tech, top quality, biocompatible finishes that respect and enhance the natural characteristics of the antique timbers, guaranteeing full protection, long-life and the possibility of re-conditioning, whilst still maintaining their original look.