Toc de Toe - Interior design

Design, creativity and above all “natural wood”

During the continuous processing of trunks for the production of wood flooring, Cadorin can set aside the most beautiful planks, with maxi dimensions and in different species of wood.

Toc de Toe, from Veneto dialect, meaning “pieces of wood”: these are the essential components of the working, along with the great creative design of the Cadorin carpenters. Having beautiful maxi boards alone is not enough: nature should be enhanced with creativity and fine taste, and this is what makes the difference!

The Toc de Toe collection contains a series of solid wood furniture and accessories such as tables, sink tops, bar or reception counters, sofas… in different “au naturel” or prismatic forms (cut and squared, more modern) according to customer requirements.

Every single component is created to complement the Cadorin wood flooring.


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