Sofà – El Caregoon de Quercia

The “El Caregoon de Quercia” sofa belongs to the new Cadorin collection of wood furnishings, “Toc de Toe”.

Unique pieces of original wood, one in million and inimitable, shaped by nature and the passage of time.

The great passion and respect for the wood, for which Cadorin has always been renowned, have led the company to retain over the years the most beautiful large planks, which, when you look at them, tell you a story and smell of life lived, to produce furnishings with an amazing design, creating a continuum between the floor and the furniture, offering the possibility of coordinating or contrasting different surfaces, to create wonderful and extraordinary effects.

So the new Cadorin collection “Toc de Toe” was born – in Veneto dialect meaning “pieces of planks” – a collection that contains the most beautiful secrets of the wood and that revives them in unique furniture pieces, such as tables, kitchen tops, washbasin tops, beds or sofas…

Nothing is changed, the board, cut from the trunk, is left in its natural forms. In the “Toc de Toe” collection no pieces are the same because only nature can design the wood. The Cadorin carpenters turn these planks into equally unique pieces with a touch of design. The maxi boards of sandblasted Oak with first patina effect varnish to reproduce the wood left to age as it is exposed to the weather, water and light.

The washed-out 100% natural Linen fabrics recall designs and colours in harmony with the large Oak timbers, hi-tech material padding and Goose Feather cushions.

Cadorin design, research and development
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