Méridienne de Toe

MÉRIDIENNE DE TOE is the result of the joining of two large planks “toe” in Veneto dialect can mean also “plank”of Old Walnut (or “Noghera” as they say in Veneto), a wood with a spectacularly natural color.

All by itself, Walnut brings us infinite shades of red, ruddy rusty hue, even a grayish light brown.

Like all the other pieces in the Toc de Toe Collection, the large planks shaped and scarred by the hands of time are ably worked in the skilled hands of master craftsmen into deck chairs distinguished by both innovative design and antique feel. Soft, lozenge-shaped maxicushions upholstered in lino froisè, make the relaxation complete.

As in the rest of the Collection, the nomenclature of this décor element incorporates local Veneto dialect that emphasizes both the authenticity of the material and the close bond Cadorin maintains with its territory.
“MÉRIDIENNE DE TOE” means “deck chair made of boards”, the perfect name for this chaise longue.

MÉRIDIENNE DE TOE The new Cadorin Chaise Longue in Old Walnut

The Toc de Toe Family of furniture and décor elements grows with the arrival of MÉRIDIENNE DE TOE”, the new Cadorin chaise longue for truly unique relaxation.

Climb a tree, stretch out on a long branch with your back against the trunk and relax! Immerse yourself in nature far from the maddening town. This suggestion is brought to you by MÉRIDIENNE DE TOE, the news Chaise Longue styled by Cadorin with OPEN SPACE living, winter gardens, or other spots intended for reading and relaxation clearly in mind. Available in two different sizes, one with a longer seat for the fullest comfort and another with a shorter seat, both share one unrepeatable feature: the planks that make them are unique in size. The planks that form the seats of the two chaise longue are an unheard-of 70 cm wide, and procuring tree trunks this thick is no easy task. Each MÉRIDIENNE DE TOE creation is therefore distinguished by exceedingly rare pieces of wood carefully selected by Cadorin.