Quercus Bathroom sink top

To create this Sink Top we have used the head part of a big Oak board.

The oak is finished with a matt white finish.

The Top can support any type of sink. It’s supplied without support brackets (easy to find on the market) or with an L-shaped steel bracket for wall mounting.

Every piece created becomes a unique piece, because every single large oak plank is formed differently.

The Top is available in the many finishes used also for the Cadorin collections: Elite Planks, Gold Planks or Epoch Planks.

Quercus is a wood that belongs to the selected woods by Cadorin with the logo “Legno più Km meno”: it is supplied from a distance of no more than 500 km away from the company headquarters, thus helping to reduce the environmental impact of the greenhouse gases emitted by means of transport.

Cadorin design, research and development
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