Modules Planks

Installed as MODULES or CHEVRONS / HERRINGBONES, giving new forms to the parquet flooring.

This collection allows you to use the plank of multiple woods, finishes and processes, from the Cadorin collections, turning them into multi-pieces to be placed as you wish, like a puzzle, giving new forms to the parquet flooring.

No longer small pieces of wood locked into frames, but large pieces of plank crossed together, in squares or assembled as you wish for loose-lay installation right up to the wall!!

A product created with the new production line designed by Cadorin Parquet that allows us to “cut out” precisely the individual pieces of the standard plank without losing the benefit of the “m/f interlocking on four sides” that eliminates the usual rods, making it extremely easy to lay the floor precisely, evenly and perfectly.

Technical structure of the Modules and Herringbone