QUERCUS Lime effect PRIMULA Module

Cadorin parquet flooring cut out like a puzzle: PRIMULA MODULE LIME EFFECT working and Antiqued marble varnished.

The PRIMULA module proposes the Versailles pattern without frames or panels: maxi planks cut and laid interwoven.

Also available in MAXI planks

Trade name module:QUERCUS Lime effect PRIMULA Module


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CONTORTA QUERCUS in PRIMULA module worked with LIME effect

New design, new  dimensions, new  life for a wood floor with a rustic and modern effect, Epoch planks laid as MODULES.  
The wood species with a charming look, the Cadorin Contorta Quercus comes from a meticulous selection of wild plants of European Oak, whose peculiarity is to be grown in forests with particular environmental situations that have over time turned the trees. The Quercus, Gnarled by nature, is transformed by suffered bad weather ‐ wind, snow or dry or moist soil -­  that during the years help to create gnarled fibers and unique and exclusive wood tones
The grains are so articulated to create “gnarled movements” inside the wood planks, whereas the knotted large up to 5‐10 cm, until a short time ago were considered defects of the wood, now they are the leading actors!!
The Lime effect working, that takes its inspiration from the rough aspect of lime based plastered walls, makes the wood floor surface wrinkled.

Laid in accordance with the Primula Module Plank, that re-­propose the Versailles motif without frames and squares, the maxi dimension planks are cut and laid in a continuous plot, a puzzle that develops without  interruption up to the wall of the room. Elements of wood floor well-­defined, produced by Cadorin and with grooves at  the four side, working and finishing; they perfectly fit and you can lay them in extremely simplicity creating under your own eyes a mesh of large dimension wood floor elements. No more small traditional sizes closed in squares with frame, but large planks from 14 to 26 cm with multiple lengths of the widths.