The NATUR marking identifies the most GREEN-ORIENTED planks, having been made from logs that have not undergone unnecessary or high levels of scrapping nor any deselection process, instead preserving and enhancing the innate and wonderful beauty of nature.

Discover Cadorin planks marked with the NATUR logo

Traditionally, the wood used in interior décor or to clad our homes has always been selected seeking out the wooden expanses considered to be perfect, thus capable of bearing a finish that is also perfect – to be pure yet glamorous.

The selection of these “perfect” boards is achieved by eliminating during the production process all parts of the wood that are not considered in line with the aesthetics of purity of form.

Yet, this means a greater waste of raw materials, as a precious gift from nature.

With a view to the utmost respect for the environment, Cadorin has transversely identified within the various collections a series of planks that most embody the principles of Ecodesign, marking these products with the NATUR logo.

NATUR-bearing planks allow the material to express itself, exalt the intimate nature of wood and enhance every single detail of the wood fibre, transforming this material into a marvellous element of prestige.

Let’s look at the characteristics of planks marked with the NATUR logo in the Cadorin range of wood. Firstly, the planks have knots that are the memory of a shoot, the starting point of a tree branch. Secondly, they may have accentuated or dark fibres, or even more pronounced pulp tones and woody aspects that are the result of the absorption of mineral salts absorbed by the plant as it grew or from the sap that has passed through it, depending on the amount of water available to feed on or if the tree experienced periods of drought.

NATUR thus sets the stage for nature, transforming wood panelling into a striking tableau vivant with a strong aesthetic appeal.

NATUR attests that the wood has been processed in a responsible and sustainable manner, with the utmost respect for the log and with a focus on reducing waste and scrap for minimal environmental impact and efficient use of resources.