Pregio Planks

Prestigious planks, precious wood from all around the world.

Burmese Teak, Canadian Hard Maple, African Wenge and Doussié, European Pear, European Robinia, European and American Walnut… These are just some of the most valuable kinds of wood transformed into Pregio Planks.

The surface workings and finishes of this wooden flooring have been designed not to hide or plastify the beauty of the wood: the use of natural oil and wax, or varnish with wax effect, allows you to feel in contact with the wood, ensuring maximum ease of use and daily maintenance.


The “Bark” finishes are researched exclusively by Cadorin to maintain the original natural appearance of the “bark” wood/tree.

The finish styles of these floorings stem from the typical colors and shades of the wood and “bark” itself.