Campaign GREEN ORIENTED 2024


Choose a WOODEN floor with the shapes and purity of NATUR planks!!

NATUR is the label that identifies the most GREEN ORIENTED parquet: sourced from logs that have not undergone cuts and waste of up to 50%, enhancing the natural appearance of the wood. NATUR planks allow the material to express itself, highlighting the intimate nature of the wood and enhancing every single detail of the wood texture, making it a marvelous element of value.

NATUR CADORIN challenges the traditional conventions of “prime-grade choices” that have always been adopted and which create significant waste of raw material due to wood deselection!

With NATUR, you get a refined parquet and a tribute to the pure and sustainable beauty of wood that respects forests, an essential resource for human life. Each plank tells a story, like that of a sprout on a branch that becomes a knot.

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Add a close origin too!

The Cadorin brand marks woods sourced from European forests within a 1.000-kilometer radius of the company’s headquarters.

This approach shortens wood supply distances, reduces the climate impact caused by transport emissions, and simultaneously promotes local heritage.

“Transform your space into a natural sanctuary, bringing the enchantment and wonder of nature right into the heart of your home!”

Which are the NATUR planks?

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