Contorta Quercus Stone

Contorta Quercus comes from a meticulous selection of wild plants of European Oak.

Stone varnished wood flooring.

Trade name wood flooring:Contorta Quercus Stone
Thickness14/16/21 mm.
Widths90-127 and 140/170/195 + maxi planks 220-260-270 + over 290-330 mm.
Lengthsup to 2900 mm.
Care working: Each single knot or small cracks in the wood is carefully filled by hand with wood paste.

STONE CONTORTA QUERCUS of Cadorin, exclusive plank with natural stone finishing

Contorta Quercus is an exclusive wood flooring of Cadorin that comes directly from nature. The research of raw material comes from a meticulous selection of wild plants of European Oak, whose peculiarity is to be grown in forests with particular environmental situations that have over time turned the trees. The Quercus, Gnarled by nature, is transformed by suffered bad weather -­ wind, snow or dry or moist soil -­ that during the years help to create gnarled fibers and wood tones different  from the usual forest of Oak, generally oriented only to offer the yield of maximum growth of the wood. 
The grains are so articulated to create “gnarled  movements inside the wood planks, whereas the knotted large up to 5-­10 cm, until a short time ago were considered defects of the wood, whereas now they are the leading actors!!
The Contorta Quercus Epoch Planks of Cadorin, is produced in several variants, in this one is proposed in a brushed plank with natural stone colour finishing, in light  tone that retains the raw-­rough wood colour.