European Walnut Bark

As part of Cadorin’s decision to introduce a range of colours au naturel, European Walnut, with its typical multi-coloured hues, is now available in a Bark finish, for which the surface of the wood is either brushed (as shown in the photo) or planed.

The real beauty is in the final colour of the Bark finish, which presents the colour of the wood au naturel. The shades are typical of those found in the bark of a tree trunk (the exterior part of the trunk), ranging from infinite shades of grey and tones of rust, through to more mauvish hues.

Trade name wood flooring:European Walnut Bark
Thickness13/14/16/21 mm.
Widths90-127 and 140/170/195 + maxi planks 235-270-290-300 mm.
Lengthsup to 2400 mm.
Care working: Each single knot or small cracks in the wood is carefully filled by hand with wood paste.

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