“Tomi de Legn” table

A wrap-around table with a float glass top supported by two large TOMI de LEGN books.

Two books from the TOMI de LEGN collection, a striking book, open on the pages side holds the glass and is accompanied by another upside-down book, also with its pages half-open.

Both are handcrafted masterpieces, made entirely by hand by master Delfino Cadorin, the creator of this collection designed by his daughter Rita Cadorin

The TOMI de LEGN books are made with a WALNUT cover, a bark finish and FIR WOOD pages.

Each piece is unique and signed by Cadorin. Together with the Italian quality certificate, a product identification and creation booklet is also issued.

In coordination for the living room or a harmonious corner, two other small tables, one small and one tiny, also with a glass top and supported by crushed, upturned books arranged in a disjointed fashion.

Two books seem to be crushed by the weight of the glass top, so much so that the folds in the corners show through

Creation, design and  warm-luxury

How it was conceived:

It is the latest creation from the CADORIN company.
It is the result of the creative complicity between Delfino Cadorin, an 82-year-old master carpenter, and his daughter Rita, designer and creative director of the family business.
The Father and daughter duo often come together to conceive and design new CADORIN signature design elements.
Delfino has dedicated his entire life to woodworking, and has a profound knowledge of the material, knowing that each type of wood has its own character.
He skilfully shapes wood into an artistic accomplishment.
This is why Rita, in the pursuit of style that has always characterised her work, involves Delfino in this creative project.

So a new creation enriches TOMI de LEGN , the sought-after collection of armchairs, benches, chests of drawers, which adds new design elements every year.

Rita sketches the idea of this new glass-topped table on paper and the idea takes shape in Delfino’s capable hands.
The table is held up by two large books, the TOMI de LEGN, one of which is upside down, the other arranged with the pages open.  
The result, the culmination of extremely elaborate manual and craft work, has transformed the wood into the airy sheets of an open book, with volumes conveying the idea of movement and lightness.
It is a creation that combines functionality with sophisticated aesthetics, making the TOMI DE LEGN table an indoor sculpture.
The ideal extension of this creative project are the other two coffee tables.
The float glass top is supported by smaller books, irregularly arranged to form the base.
The compositional result is so realistic that the fold in the lower corner of the book page looks real, truly compressed by the weight of the glass plate.
The combination of Rita’s creativity and Delfino’s craftsmanship has produced a true marvel!

But that’s not enough, what did Rita think of as a pairing? 

Two more small tables, again made of glass and this time supported by crushed, upturned books arranged in a disjointed form.

Two small books that appear to be crushed by the glass, so much so that their corners are folded over, crushed.

And who would have thought that you could portray this with crushed wood?  Only Delfino and Rita Cadorin!