Sawn Hard Maple Forest Source

Sawn Canadian hard maple. A plank with Forest Source finish.

Evoke a vintage atmosphere and is extraordinarily contemporary at the same time. Sawn Hard Maple wood parquet flooring with Forest Source finish fits in perfectly with every modern or rustic décor scheme. The traces of saw cutting left in the planking and the grain of this fascinating variety of Maple create surprising movement in every plank. Its distinctive changes in tone from gray to hazelnut make it an original yet sober proposal.

Wood specie

Trade name wood flooring:Sawn Hard Maple Forest Source
Thickness14/16/21 mm.
Widths140/170/195 mm.
Lengthsup to 2400 mm.
Care working: Each single knot or small cracks in the wood is carefully filled by hand with wood paste.

Look at the Pregio planks wood:


The starting point is Canadian Hard Maple, which is skillfully worked with saw cuts left by the teeth of our carpenter’s saws still visible. This craftsmanship distinguishes it from the saw marks in other parquet in the market made by rolling that betray the industrial process behind them. The parquet is completed by a varnish finish that adds a soft and refined final touch.

Sawn Hard Maple parquet flooring with Forest Source finish is an addition to the Epoch Planks Collection that uses new wood to suggest the appearance and traditions of vintage flooring. All the variations proposed recall the distinctive characteristics of the planking of times past.

The quality of this Collection is a perfect reflection of Cadorin Group’s talent in selecting the finest raw materials at place of origin – in this case, wood from trees like Walnut, Oak, Pear, Cherry, Chestnut, Elm, Maple – and working them to obtain simply incomparable products.

In addition to their “Natur” feel and beauty, Epoch Planks offer the advantage of being available in large dimensions.