Old Noghera

Vecchia Noghera”, in Veneto dialect, means Old Walnut. This important wood species, used for centuries in the construction of old farmhouses, has been used to create entirely hand-planed planks finished with natural oil and wax.

Walnut is characterised by its different tonal variations, which make it unique.

The “Noghera”, in wood flooring of Epoch Old “Noghera” Planks collection: a big dimensions wood flooring, completely hand planed and valorised in their extraordinary tones and shades with natural oil and wax. The typical variegated grains and the large knots are able to characterize with personality the room.

Trade name wood flooring:Old Noghera
Thickness14/16/21 mm.
Widths90-127 and 140/170/195 + maxi planks 230-250-270 + 290-300 mm.
Lengthsup to 2800 mm.
Care working: Each single knot or small cracks in the wood is carefully filled by hand with wood paste.

OLD NOGHERA Hand­‐planed finishing, oiled and waxed: the charm of infinite shades of walnut

The “Noghera” in Veneto dialect is the “walnut”, the nut-bearing tree. This wood is known for its aesthetic characteristics, and since ancient times has been used for making fine furniture and planks in old farmhouses. The Walnut is a common tree in Italy, particularly known for its noble, warm and charmingly variegated wood. Cadorin proposes the “Noghera”, in a wood flooring from the Epoch Old Noghera Planks collection: big wooden planks, completely hand planed and enhanced in their extraordinary tones and shades with natural oil and wax.

The wood flooring is made in three hardwood layers, from 12 to 28 cm in width for lengths of up to 3 metres, all obtained from the cutting of the same piece. That’s why, in your living room, you can find on the ground the design of a large Noghera.

This is certainly an exclusive flooring with multiple variants that reflect the themes of the boards of times past. The typical variegated grains and the large knots help to give the room its own personality.

In the making of the wood flooring, each feature or grain of the wood is enhanced, the knots are carefully secured and treated with wood paste, and the planing of the surface entirely by the hands of craftsmen gives an irregular and vintage look, making it even more special and unique.