“Casera” Elm

Home-grown elm from old wild trees, selected for its characteristic variegated grain, showing traces of insects to enhance its natural look.

The natural oiled finish recreates the rich autumnal colors.

Available in these versions:

– brushed

– rounded hand planed

and also in rough effect varnished finish

Local Elm that comes from old wild trees, where you can still find the traces of insects that were there: a wood that fascinates naturally, thanks to the amazing, various drawings made by the rich curvilinear grains. The choice to use a natural oil finishing shows the light autumnal shades, typical of these wood species, as well as the surface roughness.

Trade name wood flooring:“Casera” Elm
Thickness14/16/21 mm.
Widths140/170/195 + maxi planks 235-250-270 mm.
Lengthsup to 2800 mm.
Care working: Each single knot or small cracks in the wood is carefully filled by hand with wood paste.