The whole ZERO KM PRODUCTION process of CADORIN parquet takes place in our factory located in Possagno (TV) – Italy, (unlike the current trend for having parquet produced overseas), thus supporting both energy savings in reducing CO2 emissions and the Italian economy.

Unfortunately a growing trend is the relocation of the production process for many companies, which are moving their own plants to Eastern Europe or even to Asia (the most popular places being China, India and Thailand). So, every day, thousands of trucks cross the Italian border and thousands of containers pass through the ports: all means of transportation that in order to carry these products to Italy emit high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Just think that, if the Cadorin production were located in China, to import every year in containers by sea the same quantity of parquet currently produced in Italy, about 51 tons of CO2 per year would be emitted into the atmosphere.

15.000 sqm of production area guarantee the entire manufacturing cycle in Possagno (TV). A production managed by the Cadorin family, who are fully aware of the financial sacrifice of keeping their production in Italy.

The Cadorin ZERO KM PRODUCTION adheres to the strict principles of a 110% Italian product. Cadorin uses products and adopts safety systems that protect the health of its workers.

Furthermore, Cadorin planks meet the highest quality standards, which are attested by a Quality Certification, a Product identification sheet and a Green Certification.


The principles that have always guided the Cadorin family, handed down from father to son, are founded on an ethic based on a respect for both man and nature.

These ancient values are more precious than ever today, and are followed scrupulously in every relationship we have with our associates, employees, suppliers and of course, our customers.

Honesty, transparency and fairness are values demonstrated every day in regard to people and the environment in our choice of raw materials and production methods.

Cadorin, which cares about the health of its employees and colleagues, and consequently its own Customers, can boast in its own production:

All this to give full transparency to the caring customer.