Use of renewable energy sources

Cadorin, a constant commitment to the environment and to human health.

The company’s GREEN spirit is conveyed by offering products in line with green building and the use of renewable energy in accordance with energy needs. From 2011, 4.000 m2 of photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the company and thermal energy is also used from scrap wood shavings, avoiding more than

– 750 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere every year.

Electric energy: the photovoltaic plant

Cadorin Group uses clean and renewable energy sources for its wood flooring production cycle. A choice that testifies a respect for nature and concern for environmental sustainability. Electricity is supplied by 4,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the company, generating as much as 250,000 kW per year of clean solar energy, allocated entirely to the production cycle. CADORIN, with this modern solar energy plant, contributes to a carbon dioxide emission saving (Co2) equivalent to -130 tons on average per year.

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In fact, solar radiation is the most abundant and clean energy source on the planet, and advancements over recent years in new technologies for solar panels allow for the production of a greater amount of energy per square meter than in previous times. Exploiting it means reducing the use of fossil fuels that are usually used to produce energy, thus reducing air pollution and ensuring high energy savings.

That’s why the use of solar panels is growing steadily. Whilst in 2000 the photovoltaic panel played a marginal role, and for the most part was being used in Japan, in 2004 it began to be developed considerably also in Europe. Today the country that uses it the most is Germany, followed by Italy, Spain, USA and Japan, and in 2013, for the first time on an international level, solar installations have exceeded those of wind power.

Thermal energy: reuse of virgin wood residues

CADORIN has been generating thermal energy for over 20 years with the re-use of wood residues obtained from production.

A highly technological plant allows for the production of 3 MILLION Kw a year by means of a heat generator operated with the processing waste of the production activity itself (wood chips). The system contributes to a saving of carbon dioxide C02 emissions of -620 tons a year, with a final balance of C02 emitted = ZERO. This is possible thanks to the fact that the C02 emissions generated by the combustion of wood residues are offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the plant during its life cycle.

CADORIN, as a self-sufficient company in terms of energy and thermal properties, autonomously meets all the needs of the entire production cycle:

  • heating the entire premises through a technological installation in a low temperature floor, which also enables the correct environment humidity to be maintained for the storage of the raw material;
  • heating the cells of the drying ovens, the gluing installations and the varnishing ovens.

The energy produced in this way helps to reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports and to diversify the sources of energy supply, as well as enabling the pursuit of the objectives set in the context of international climate treaties.