The company, pioneer of the three-layer solid wood plank in the 80s, produced for numerous parquet factories, was able to create its own brand in the 2000s.

CADORIN Collections have always been one step ahead in the “fashion” and design of parquet, to the extent that CADORIN creativity is appreciated by leading designers all over the world. CADORIN makes wood floors by mixing multiple creativity with the right amount of craftsmanship, technology, and beauty.

CADORIN is recognized and confirmed around the world for its collections, and no less for its determination in persisting in entirely Italian production: “110% prodotto italiano”, as expressed in extremes in order to reassure the client that every step in the process is taken in Italy.

Careful attention goes to eco-sustainability by giving preference to “the greenest” species of wood with the special MORE WOOD, FEWER KM mark and by supplying Green Certificates attesting to the use of clean and renewable energy sources for production.


For almost 100 years we have been transforming wood, with Love, Art, Dedication and Mastery. Our passion for wood and our work is a Family Tradition, jealously guarded and handed down from father to son. Grandfather Giosuè used to make carts and barrels, as well as running a saw mill. His son, Delfino, joined the business at the age of 17, increasing production with furniture, fittings, wood floors, doors and other wooden components.

The grandchildren, Claudio and Rita Cadorin, have been running the company for over 20 years and it has grown both in size and production capacity, whilst continuing with its artisan methods. Today, CADORIN is renowned for its production of THREE-LAYER SOLID WOOD PLANKS, which it has pioneered, but also for its wide range of structures and dimensions of wood floors, as well as tiles and modules displaying expert craftsmanship, both structurally and aesthetically.


By keeping the Spirit of Craftsmanship alive, knowing how to capture every nuance of the material and so enhance its uniqueness, as well as ensuring that local traditional crafts do not die out.
By carefully assessing the impact of our work on the eco-system – sacrificing easy profits – by using production methods that respect the principles of Ethics, Respect for both Man and Nature.
By adopting Honesty and Quality as our guidelines: in the choice of raw materials, processing of the planks, continuous quality control, dealings with partners and the workforce, in our everyday actions.


By creating wood floors planks ENTIRELY IN ITALY.

At the production sites in Antonio Canova’s hometown of Possagno (Treviso), between the slopes of the Monte Grappa mountain range and the banks of the Piave river, enhancing and preserving the 110% Italian production that is Cadorin.

Wood floor is NO LONGER just a flooring solution: TODAY it is a matter of INTERIOR DESIGN, a PLANK to suit every habitat.

To offer THOSE WHO CHOOSE this plank not just a wood floor, but also SAFETY, TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY, PRECISION and BEAUTY



CADORIN today operates over an area of 15,000 m2 and is organised to produce wooden planks for wood floors and wallcoverings, in any form and dimension.
Mainly produced in three-layer hardwood planks.

Over half the production site is used for the basic stages of production (selection of the raw material, cutting the trunks, natural and kiln drying). The remaining area houses the cutting-edge machinery needed to produce the wood floors planks, guaranteeing maximum precision in joints, flatness, stability and solidity.


The wood floor production line has been carefully designed to allow for easily manageable personalisation: manual intervention in the shape of hand planing, saw cutting, chamfered or aged surfaces, antique-look effects, plus the colouring and combination of finishes (oil-varnish), mostly still performed traditionally by hand to obtain nuances of shade and overlays of colour, as well as the use of precious materials such as gold dust, silver dust or mother of pearl, internationally patented by Cadorin.
The whole operation is conducted ethically, with respect for both man and nature, with certified production based on Green roots.
The same amount of care and attention is taken when sourcing the timbers: Quercus and dozens of other species, split into two basic categories by origin: wood from close sources, i.e. “MORE WOOD, FEWER KM“; and noble SELECTED wood from all around the WORLD.


A precious range of collections, each rich in personality and style:

  1. OAK and LARCH Planks
  2. PREGIO Planks
  3. ELITE Planks
  4. EPOCH Planks
  5. TRACKS Planks
  6. GOLD and LUXURY Planks
  7. ANTIQUE Planks
  8. YACHT Planks
  9. MODULES of Planks
  10. TOC DE TOE Collection

A century of passion and experience transforms a unique material – wood – into a wood floors (and eco friendly parquet) that has becomes an INTERIOR DESIGN option to maximise the style and uniqueness of each room.

Cadorin awarded by the Confartigianato Association as a historical company in the Veneto region


“I started worked when I was 17 and now I have more than 60 years of activity” were the words of Delfino Cadorin.

Delfino began working alongside his father Giosuè Cadorin in the carpentry shop beneath the house.

Creator of the 3-layers plank in the 1980s, he was able to grow his activity up to the current business. Today Cadorin is managed by his son Claudio and his daughter Rita; with this celebration they wanted to thank this inheritance received and for his teaching through the years.

Wonderful Master” was the honor awarded by Confartigianato Treviso.



Craftsmanship always wins, the Quality and the Italian Uniqueness are recognized!

110% Prodotto Italiano


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