Are you longing for wooden panelling on the walls of your home?

A wealth of ideas for exceptional aesthetic impact, where the advantages also lie in the comfort and insulation,
also customized coverings.

Cadorin creativity has turned the classic and mundane wooden panelling coatings upside down.

Cadorin’s multiple collections of parquet planks and cladding present a broad selection of wood species with various grain, processing, colours and finishes, exploiting the forms in custom designs and/or modules.

The originality of these creations guarantees exclusive and innovative results ranging from classic, modern or luxury designs, and customized.

The innovations of Cadorin planks can be safely employed in any wall panelling or cladding (be it on the ceiling, wall, parquet or furnishing), ensuring isolation in addition to thermal and acoustic insulation.

Finally comes the MIX MATERIAL, being wood coatings with inserts and decorations in metal, terracotta and other materials embellishing the planks.

Wood is not merely a trendy feature but a gift from nature that generates comfort and relaxation each day.