The peace and harmony of WOOD FLOORING in a BATHROOM

Even in recent times, this was still seen as almost total folly, but today, wood flooring is selected for bathrooms frequently and without a second thought. Indeed, new finishing technologies are able to guarantee maximum protection for wood flooring surfaces. The warmth of wood flooring in the bathroom: comfort guaranteed.

It can be claimed with confidence that a CADORIN wood flooring with two or three ply structure and a varnished or natural oil finish (both of which provide optimum protection for a wood floor), is absolutely suitable for any bathroom interior. And neither are there any limits on the choice of wood: Walnut, Oak and Elm are all perfectly suitable. The same applies for finishes and special effects, which in the case of Cadorin floors can be, for example, brushed to give a raw look, bleached and oiled, or sawn.

Remember that the bathroom must always be kept well aired to ensure that moisture does not collect inside the room, not least when showers or bathtubs are in use. Similarly, water should never be allowed to puddle on a parquet floor. But the same care is called for in all other rooms of the home (living room, bedroom or kitchen) that have a wood floor… so, there need be no worries about laying wood flooring in the bathroom!

With regard in particular to Cadorin flooring, the tongue-and-groove jointing system adopted is ultra-tight, which means that once the floor is assembled it will be hermetically sealed for life. It is important when laying a parquet flooring that the installer should seal all gaps around the perimeter, likewise any pieces that are cut to size, and areas close to bathtubs and showers. It is also good practice to apply special tongue-and-groove sealants, so that edge-to-edge joints can be bonded hermetically and definitively.

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