Boiserie and coverings with decorations, inserts and material mixes: refined interior designs.

Not only on the floor: the enchantment of parquet planks on the wall remains unchanged and is even enhanced!

Covering interior walls or ceilings with wood is the ideal solution for those who want to add personality to a room in a new house or for those who want to decorate a room during renovation without disrupting it.

Creating boiserie allows you to change the look of a wall in just a few steps. In addition, the freedom of customisation is assured: you can cover the whole surface with wood or part of it both horizontally and vertically. Just as you can choose the same planks for the walls as for the floor or opt for a mix of different materials or different wood finishes.

But wood coverings are not limited to the walls or ceilingDoors and furniture in the house (kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.) can be part of the refined interior design.

In addition to the many finishes available, you can also opt for coverings with decorations and inserts, and the combination of wood mixed with materials.

Cadorin wall coverings and boiserie