45 / 60 / 90 chevron/herringbone parquet flooring in small or large widths: timeless and exclusive.

A classic that has always been loved, the chevron/herringbone parquet has never been forgotten. In fact, in recent years it has made a comeback, thanks to a more modern face.

For example, Cadorin also offers wider planks, creations that give the floor a contemporary look, perfect in combination with a clean, modern design. In addition to the smaller 6-9 cm formats, widths of 20-30 cm can be requested.

It is fair to say that from the historic buildings and luxurious residences of yesteryear, the “chevron/herringbone” parquet, also known as Italian, Hungarian or French “chevron”, has truly entered the “common” home. The merit is undoubtedly its strong visual impact, a design that conquers, thanks to its typical zigzag pattern, and its great elegance and distinction.

Choose from a wide range of chevron/herringbone planks in a variety of finishes or match the planks laid in free lengths