Wall covering

It’s easy to keep your floors covering entire walls: just use jointed boards like the 2 or 3 hardwood layers planks.

Since long time the Cadorin hardwood planks are used as walls, wardrobes, doors, room dividers, coverings…

During the last edition of Made Expo in Milan of the last October, Cadorin presented the new design of Wall parquet.

It’s tailor made planks to be placed both horizontally and vertically in multiple modules, so as to do assemblies with unique drawings. The planks, in fact, can cover the wall horizontally or vertically using the same finish of the wood floor or choosing in the several collections of different Cadorin lines, like Elite Planks, Tracks Planks, Epoch Planks or Pregio woods. In this last case, it’s possible then having fun to coordinate and match the various solutions.