Staircase and accessories

The staircase is a precious architectural element: often today it has no longer the only function of connecting one floor of the dwelling to another, but it becomes an object of study by architects, in order to become as flashy as possible.

For Cadorin, covering the staircase with the same wood species and finish chosen for the parquet, in order to create a continuum between the floor and the staircase, is a daily occurrence. Many people may not know that, when choosing how to cover the stairs with Cadorin parquet, they can opt for different solutions. That because the Company studies everything in each single detail and the elements used to cover the steps – the bull edge, the riser, the tread, the edge of the staircase, the finishing edge, etc. – can be made differently, changing and diversifying the aesthetics of the staircase itself.

The endless variations of wooden stairs made by Cadorin…