Floral is the panoramic wall décor created by a succession of individual decorative strips placed vertically, a full-height wall that recalls the verticality of trees in a forest.

Oak Leaves with Bronze dust

Leaves, leaves and more leaves comprise a carpeting that simulates foliage for a very fashionable offering – leaf decorations in perfect botanical style, with a marked elegance and refined dimension. With its typical grain, the dark, full background of the oak wood brings out the timeless beauty of the leaves illuminated by the warm light of the bronze dust.

White Birch and Oak Branches

A botanical pattern with delicacy and elegance at the heart of this decorative design by Cadorin. The base wood is Oak, with its visible grain, on which slender branches are carved with shoots that chase and intertwine with each other along the entire surface. On the wall, the effect of this design gives the feeling of being immersed in the beauty and tranquillity of a walk in the woods. Protected and pampered. The white birch finish gives this offering a Nordic and minimalist feel.

Mint Green Oak Leaves

In the latest version of the botanical style, mint green stands out in particular, chosen from the palette of greens for its strong yet unobtrusive character. The leaf work on the Oak, with its many nuances of grain, adds splendid nuances of colour to the mint colouring to create the feeling of being immersed in lush vegetation.

Mint Green Canadian Maple Daisies

An offering that combines glamour with sophistication, created to coat surfaces such as boiserie, walls and furniture for a romantic effect that evokes classic atmospheres, creating a true floral wall that is light and delicate. Happy. A daisy meadow in bloom on planks of Canadian Maple – a wood with delicately light tones enhanced by an elegant and refined grain. The finish in mint green gives this wonderful floral wall a fresh touch and celebrates joie de vivre.