Cherry Sails Planks

The latest CADORIN additions to the TRACKS PLANKS Collection feature a patented new type of working recalling sailboat sails that has been given to the wood surfaces.

Countess tiny sails beating the wind are embossed in relief in the characteristic triangular and oblong shapes of different sail panels.
The inspiration for this unprecedented pattern signed by Cadorin comes from the world of sailing to add yet another original type of working to the Gravel and Woven patterns already present in the exclusive Tracks Planks Collection.
These wood floor planks are designed for both horizontal (flooring) and vertical (wall panelling) use with an exclusive raised patterning that evokes the pleasures of sailing. Various finishes can be given to these “VELA” Sails models: CHERRY in a suggestive White Gold Dust finish.

Trade name module:Cherry Sails Planks