Wood tile floor not only for those in love with classic taste

Parquet Wood tile flooring was always the parquet floor par excellence in Imperial palaces, especially in the halls of greatest prestige or wherever the nobles danced, such as at the Palace of Versailles built in the mid-17th century, which offers a world-famous example of wide braided oak tiles complemented by strips of oak laid in herringbone.

These patterns are highly attractive even today, and not only for lovers of classic decor. New and innovative finishes and surface treatments make the patterns even more extraordinary and contemporary.

This is the case of various new Cadorin proposals, where the patterns and braids of these attractive tiles are available in as many as 30 different species of wood for transformation into a myriad color finishes also through an assortment of exclusive workings of the surface.

The result is a custom-made parquet wood flooring that is not only impressive in terms of pattern but also exclusive due to the type of wood used and/or the finishes with which it can be personalized even further.

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