Home design, like fashion in clothing and accessories, changes continuously. The market offers multiple solutions for every style of decor.

CADORIN, with its host of enthralling solutions, is no exception. Working, treating, and finishing planks in so many different ways provides an infinite variety of wood covering and flooring for Modern or Minimalist designs. 

Planking prepared for wood floors is now being used more and more for wall covering ideas (wood wall paneling) and ceilings, even furniture and doors, and laid both vertically and horizontally, in myriad transformations.

The wide range of Cadorin collections makes the same colors available with different surface treatments. The same wood can be used with numerous workings and finishes. Three-dimensions, colors, different sizes and formats, can be chosen, even Pattern Modules and its exceedingly popular TRACKS PLANKS.

Cadorin planking is all pre-finished in high-resistance natural oils or varnishes formulated to withstand footfall and is therefore absolutely appropriate as wall covering ideas for furnituredoorskitchens, and bathrooms, not to mention wallsceilingspartitions, and shop display windows also for offices, and commercial areas as welcome design components of their own.

Cadorin was one of the first companies to suggest using its two and three-layer hardwood planks t/g joint planking also on walls equipped with accessories that ensure the easy enclosure of the exposed borders by means of adaptable frames or cornices, edging profiles and edging strips. Now also wall coverings can be chosen from among the infinite varieties of the Cadorin collections. In the exact same way as wood flooring.

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