The collection TOMI DE LEGN exhibited at the pavilion of LIBRO at EXPO “BELLE ARTI” – Isimbardi Palace

In Milan from the 16th of September until the 31st of January it will be possible to view the collection Cadorin entitled “TOMI DE LEGN” at the Pavilion of Libro “Expo Belle Arti – Isimbardi Palace”. The pavilion curated by the art critic and ambassador of Belle Arti of Lombardia Region for Expo, Vittorio Sgarbi, also exhibits the BOOK CHAIR, commissioned by Vittorio Sgarbi, designed by the Architect Barbara Fornasir and produced by Cadorin.


Comfy small armchairs and a chaise longue whose main theme always is the book. In effect, large TOMI DE LEGN shape the structure of these comfortable small armchairs, definitely: one of a kind, refined and designed. Made of solid Walnut and Spruce timber and elegantly painted in “bark” finishes.


This large chair-book always made of solid European Walnut and Austrian Spruce wood, occupy, when closed, a space of 30x100x150 cm. and, when open, converts in a comfortable chair-armchair including a pillar bookrest, shelves for books and lighting. Planned and designed by the architect Fornasir Barbara, it has been produced by wood-master Cadorin Delfino, conceiving opening mechanisms entirely wooden made.

Final result recreate an unexpected reading area eloquently “baptized” precisely by Vittorio Sgarbi: “BE SITTED IS READING”, also wrote in the cover along with his signature.

A unique piece that will not remain only a prototype; a numbered edition will be realized: each BOOK CHAIR , in effect, will have a Roman numeral (that one exhibited at Isimbardi Palace is the I – 2015) and will can be customized in accordance with the buyer's needs.

With this important exhibition promoted by Lombardia Region, and lasting two months, it will be possible to see the display of several volumes, realized with the handcrafted art procedures of the Book School and University of Urbino, and the life size reconstruction of the dusty library Umberto Saba in Saint Nicolò Street in Trieste.

The exhibition, at Palazzo Isimbardi –  Monforte Avenue, 35 in Milan – will be open to the public from the 16th of September until the 30th of November, every day, except Mondays, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Free admission.