Patterned parquet tiles – the charm of timeless glamour

The traditions of patterned parquet tiles are back, presenting the classic and rhythmic design that evokes the sumptuous rooms of the Italian or imperial villas, in particular those dedicated to welcoming guests or to dancing. Just think of the Palace of Versailles that dates back to the mid-17th century as an example of parquet renowned all over the world and where, in addition to the large patterned oak tiles, there are also herringbone oak parquet strips. These tile designs still hold great charm not only for those who prefer a classic décor. Thanks to new and innovative finishes and surface processes, in fact, the designs are becoming increasingly and extraordinarily contemporary and modern.

This is what can be seen with a selection of new Cadorin offerings – the designs and interweaving of the custom-made patterned tiles are available in a vast array of wood species that are transformed into a myriad of colour finishes through exclusive surface processes. 

Production takes place with the same batch of wood as the planks that are made at the same time and with the same finish, thus guaranteeing identical and perfect combinations both in terms of the aesthetics and interlocking.

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A variety of solutions and customisations can be achieved