Technical structure of the Modules and Herringbone

MODULE PLANKS with custom layout

What they are?
Modules Planks allow you to personalize the most important rooms in your home or workplace.

Innovative Cadorin technology allows you to “cut” your prefinished wood flooring plank into squares, rectangles or triangles with tongue and groove joints on all sides.
You can make the most of the dimensions of the planks and lay them as you wish. No more tiny pieces enclosed in single squares and borders: now you can use “repetitive design modules” that can be laid in repetition like a puzzle.

MODULES PLANKS can be skilfully composed using the many textures available in the Planks collections. Using all the same finishes, they encourage greater creativity in laying and personalization, and easier combination with random planks.



Common design patterns have for years used “Versailles” type panels, namely patterns enclosed within a border or in any case seen as a separate square unit. Modules Planks make a break with the past, letting you create free patterns, crossing and staggering pre-finished planks (even in maxi dimensions), each of which has t/g joints on all sides. Composition is perfect and precise without requiring the use of rods for the grooves. AN INTRIGUING WOOD FLOORING PUZZLE!



The planks can be transformed into modules with many different shapes and large sizes that give life to “open design” laying patterns with the freedom to choose from a wide range of dimensions, workings, colours, and types of wood.



Each part of the plank can be personalised with different workings and finishes, allowing you to match different types of wood and combine every shade of colour provided in Cadorin collections.



All the usual workings applied to the single plank surface – brushing, hand-planing, saw-cutting, weave and gravel working, etc., can also be freely chosen for the Modules Planks. These textures are enhanced even more by the use of crossed direction, an effect that could not be achieved with the conventional patterns used previously.



Modules Planks are simply planks cut according to a precise laying design and, thanks to the renowned Cadorin structure, they have the same stability, evenness and perfection of laying and joining of standard random planks.



Crossed planks in different design solutions can be transformed into a splendidly unique wood flooring puzzle, especially thanks to the new sizes and formats.

The modules are produced using the same batches of timber as the three-layer FIR/TOP planks and with the same finishes. Any orders for both types of wood floor are produced at the same time to guarantee an identical look and perfect joining.

There are many design solution that can be realized:

CHEVRON 45° and 60° / HERRINGBONE 90°

The Herringbone (or Chevron) pattern is produced using the same lot of wood as the two or three-layer planks and they are produced at the same time and with the same finish, in order to guarantee identical, perfect matchings in terms of both aesthetics and interlocking.

The laying can be made to french or hungarian herringbone 45°/60°; or can be made to italian herringbone 90°:

45 degrees

60 degrees

90 degrees