Are you sure that you have bought a real Cadorin Parquet?

As with every prestigious Italian brand, there are many “imitations”.

listoni certificati

To avoid this, all Cadorin products are supplied with the Quality Certification and the Product Identification Sheet to confirm that, in addition to an authentic 100% Made in Italy product, you have bought an original product.

The backside of Cadorin planks is marked​: ““ and “110% prodotto italiano“

In addition, for each supply, there’s one plank with laser printed Cadorin logo.

Cadorin parquet packaging

To AVOID being cheated:

  1. Go to the list of AUTHORIZED CADORIN DEALERS only
  2. When ordering from the Dealer, please MAKE SURE that the “CADORIN” logo is included in the product description
  3. When you receive the wooden floors, please check that the PACKAGING is branded with CADORIN LABELS and INFORMATION
  4. On delivery, please ASK for the QUALITY CERTIFICATION together with its contents (PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION SHEET)
  5. Please verify that UNDERNEATH THE PLANKS you can find a PRINT BRANDING ““ and “110% prodotto italiano“  

And by all means please CONTACT US  for more information!

N.B.: Cadorin images can be shared by anyone on social media, but this does not mean that a dealer who is sharing and publishing a Cadorin product is in fact an Authorized Dealer.